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Our team is dedicated to help you capture the essence and unique culture of Morocco by offering you our collection of comprehensive and unique sahara tours. We apply our expertise, local knowledge and work with our established contacts to ensure you experience insightful, life enriching, stress-free tours and travel.

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Popular Tours

Traveling in Morocco is very exciting and we will be happy to offer you high quality services during your Morocco experience.We have a range of private  sahara tours from Marrakech to Zagora and Merzouga where you will enjoy camel ride in Sahara desert.We organize very popular Atlas trekking tours and hiking trips.

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With our knowledgeable and professional English speaking drivers we specialize in TAILOR MADE TOURS in Morocco. We’re confident that you will find the tour, day trip, shore excursion or transfer that you’re looking for and that will suit you and your family needs. Our Driver Guides and Official Tour Guides are experienced and qualified with the utmost standard of service that will leave you with wonderful memories of your vacation to Morocco.

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Coming to Morocco and you need a private transfer? Marrakech Sahara Trips organizes MARRAKECH AIRPORT TRANSFERS AND PRIVATE MOROCCO 4X4 AND MINIBUS TRANSFERS

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