You will find all the traditional souks of great elegance and originality.
With TOURSKECH, you can discover the body of the medina, and all places for shopping with Moroccan natures and character such( clothers, jewels, leather shoes, etc…)

With a professionnel guide of TOURSKECH, you can also discover :

  • Principal souks
  • Medina
  • Quarters
  • …etc

And you can walk in the streets borderd by several echappes and crafts (spices herbalists, medicinal plants, carpets, textile) (silkan kaftan souk of dyers …etc)

Also it’s time to visit the Mellah quarter, or the jewish neighborhoods of the old city in marrakech, in that quarter you are invited to visit the (tins miths and jewelers and you discover by your self all of the mythical objects that you can bay directly on the field.

Trust us and visit Marrakech.